6 Easy Tricks To Get Motivated To Clean

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Unless you really love cleaning, getting motivated to do your chores can be tricky. So, if you need to clean your home but don’t feel like doing it, check out these six easy tricks to get motivated to clean!

Trick #1: Break it up into smaller tasks

Cleaning a whole house may seem like a lot of work. So, to make this task less overwhelming, you can break it up into smaller chores and work through them one at a time.

Having smaller tasks will also make the whole thing look more achievable. Plus, you can spread the chores over several days, making them even less of a tall order.

Trick #2: Finish what you start

Cleaning should be taken seriously, so committing from the beginning to the chore will be very helpful. This way, you will actually get things done and feel more accomplished, so it will keep you motivated to do the following tasks.

Trick #3: Set reasonable goals

Don’t bite off more than you can chew! If you give yourself more work than you can realistically accomplish, you’ll set yourself up for failure. 

So, set reasonable goals! For example, if you’re very busy during the week, you can finish one task over the weekend instead. This way, you can complete your chores and feel good about the achievement. Use that motivation to keep going!

Trick #4: Get rid of distractions

To fulfill your cleaning chores, you also need to be focused. So, turn off the tv and put your phone away—a little time off-screen never killed anybody!

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t play some music or listen to a podcast while you clean. These minor distractions will make the time pass easier while focusing mainly on the task.

Trick #5: Don’t be so hard on yourself

Being hard on yourself will only make you want to clean even less. Everybody else has run into a snag while cleaning—this is entirely normal, so don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go your way at first. 

Trick #6: Make it a routine

A cleaning routine will allow you to spread your tasks over the week, making them easier to do. You can divide the house by rooms and clean one at a time, or set apart a couple of minutes a day to clean for a while—whatever works best for you!

If you keep this routine, it will become easier to clean, and eventually, you will start doing it like second nature.

Extra trick: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Even if you try all these tricks and start to feel more motivated to clean, taking care of a whole house can still be overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to ask for help! It can be someone from your family or a friend.

Another excellent option is hiring a cleaning service. At Sparkle Plenty Cleaners, we offer the best service in the Twin Cities! Let us take care of your cleaning needs and enjoy a sparkling clean home. Get a quote today!


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