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Moving is stressful so why take on the move-in or move-out cleaning too? Outsource the cleaning to our professionals and your move juts got a whole lot easier!

Move In/Out Cleaning Company in Oakdale & Cottage Grove MN

Our Move In/Out Cleaning Services Will Make Your Home Sparkle & Shine!

Moving is a very overwhelming task which is made even more stressful if you also have to clean both the old and the new house or apartment. Our professional move-out cleaners know how to clean up the old place to get it ready for new occupants. And, for the new place, we'll get it clean and sanitized and ready for you to move in! 

Sparkle Plenty Cleaners provides thorough and detailed move-in and move-out cleaning services in Woodbury, Lake Elmo, Cottage Grove, and other East Metro communities. 

Experience a hassle-free move with our high-quality move-in/out cleaning services. Give us a call with any questions, or to get on our schedule today!

The Advantages Of Getting A Professional Move-In/Out Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning company to handle move-in and move-out cleaning has several advantages. Whether you're moving into a new home or preparing to leave one, professional cleaners can make the process easier and more efficient. Here are the benefits:

Move-Out Cleaning:

  1. Deposit Retrieval: If you're renting, a thorough move-out cleaning can help ensure you get your security deposit back. Landlords often require a clean and well-maintained property upon move-out.

  2. Maximizing Resale Value: For homeowners selling their property, a clean and well-maintained home is more appealing to potential buyers, potentially increasing the resale value and the speed of the sale.

  3. Efficiency: Cleaning companies have the experience and tools to complete the cleaning quickly and efficiently. This can be especially valuable if you're on a tight schedule between moving out and handing over the keys.
  4. Professional Standards: Cleaning companies have high standards and follow industry best practices. They know what areas need special attention and can deliver a spotless result.

  5. Less Stress: Moving is a stressful process. Having professionals handle the cleaning relieves you of one major task, allowing you to focus on packing, moving logistics, and other responsibilities.

For Move-In Cleaning:

  1. Fresh Start: A move-in cleaning ensures that your new home is clean and sanitized before you move in. You can start fresh without worrying about the cleanliness of the previous occupants.

  2. Health and Safety: Professional cleaners can thoroughly sanitize surfaces, which is especially important in the current health-conscious environment. This can help prevent the spread of germs and allergens.

  3. Time and Energy Savings: Moving is already a demanding process. Hiring professionals to clean your new home allows you to focus on other important aspects of the move, such as unpacking and settling in.

  4. Thoroughness: Cleaning companies have the expertise and equipment to clean every nook and cranny. They can handle difficult tasks like cleaning behind appliances, in high or hard-to-reach areas, and deep cleaning carpets and upholstery.

In both cases, professional cleaning services can save you time and effort, ensure a thorough and effective cleaning job, and provide peace of mind during the transition. Whether you're moving into a new home or leaving one, hiring a cleaning company is often a wise investment.

See What's Included In Our Move In/Out Cleaning Services


  • Countertops & backsplashes are cleaned & polished.
  • The sink and faucet are cleaned and polished.
  • The inside of the microwave is cleaned.
  • Front of all appliances, including the inside panels and hinges of the refrigerator and freezer are wiped down.
  • The top of the stove and oven door are cleaned. **
  • Cabinets (inside and out) and cabinet hardware wiped down.
  • The window over the sink and slider are cleaned (inside only as weather permits).
  • Inside of refrigerator is cleaned.

Interior oven cleaning can be added for an additional fee.


  • Tubs and showers are scrubbed including the door and track.
  • Toilets' are cleaned inside and out.
  • The sink, vanity top, and backsplash are cleaned and polished.
  • The garbage can is wiped down.
  • Vanity cabinets (interior & exterior) and hardware are wiped down.
  • Faucets cleaned and polished


  • Tile and hardwood floors are vacuumed & washed.
  • Carpets and rugs are vacuumed.
  • Window sills and ledges are wiped down.
  • The baseboards are hand-washed.
  • Doors and door frames are dusted and/or wiped down.
  • Light switches & outlets are wiped.
  • Trash cans are emptied & relined.
  • Reachable light fixtures, ceiling fans & vents are dusted.
  • The blinds are dusted.

Blinds and windows are not included in the cleaning, however, our cleaners will spot clean windows and lightly dust mini blinds as they are a

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