Got Questions? Let the Professional Sparklers Help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is open M-F 7:30AM - 4:30PM. We typically provide cleaning services during this time so you can come home to a Sparkly clean home, however, we do offer flexible options, so call our office to find out more!

Heck no! We don’t lock you into a contract. You should be warned, our services are so fabulous that most clients never want to leave!

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Just contact us within 24 and we will be back to make it right!

You can always expect our cleaners to give their very best to ensure your home is sparkly clean! 

Yes! Give the gift of time! Just call our office for details.

Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Additionally, all of our Sparklers are employees of the company and not sub-contractors.

We provide all the cleaning and equipment to clean your home. The only exception is that we ask you to provide a toilet brush in each bathroom.

We pay our Sparkers a fair-livable wage, however, they work very hard and tips are always greatly appreciated.

We offer a variety of no-hassle ways to pay! You can pay online or even set up automatic payments using your debit or credit card!

You don’t have to clean for your cleaner, but to ensure your cleaner has access to all surfaces to provide the best cleaning possible, we do ask that you tidy up before your cleaner arrives. Clearing countertops tops as much as possible, picking up toys, clothes, and other stray items from the floor, and putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher make a huge difference.

No, most of our clients are not home when we clean.  We will establish a secure process to gain entry prior to your cleaning if you do not expect to be home.  If you work from home or prefer to be home when we clean, we do our best to clean around you.

In order to provide the most care and personable service, we assign one Sparkler to a home. Larger homes, deluxe top to bottom cleans, and move-in/out cleans may have a team of two or more.

We reserve your appointment just for you and request a 24-hour notice if you need to skip, reschedule, or cancel your cleaning.  This allows us time to reassign your Sparkler to another client to ensure they receive the pay they depend on.  If we receive less than a 24-hour notice or we can’t access your home, it may be necessary for us to charge you a minimum cancellation fee of $30.

Skipped cleanings will be assessed an additional fee and due at the time of the next cleaning in the amount of $20 for weekly, $40 for biweekly, and $60 for monthly service schedules. When a cleaning is skipped our employees must work harder and longer on the next cleaning.  A weekly has now become a biweekly, a biweekly a monthly, etc. Skipped cleanings do not change the schedule going forward.  Cleanings that are rescheduled at the client's request are considered a skip and subject to the additional fee.

We work weekends upon request and availability of employees.

If your cleaning falls on a holiday observed by Sparkle Plenty Cleaners, we will reach out to you at least two weeks prior to let you know and do our best to find another time that fits your schedule.

In the event of inclement weather, we follow school closures for the area when determining if we need to cancel or delay your scheduled cleaning. Should this occur, we will notify you as soon as possible and do our best to reschedule your cleaning.

Your Sparkler will treat your home with the utmost care when cleaning, however, accidents do happen from time to time. We hate it when it does, and will make every attempt to repair or replace (up to $100 per breakage item, when value is verified) for any damage or breakage caused.  We assume no liability for damage including scratches to walls, floors or furniture, broken glass or heavy items not properly anchored to the wall prior to the start of each cleaning visit.  We asked that you notify us of any expensive valuables that should not be cleaned and they will be placed on our "do not clean" list in your work order.

Yes! Your Sparkler is working VERY hard and appreciates a cool house. We request that you set the temperature in your home to 72 or cooler on days your Sparkler will be cleaning. If you would like your Sparkler to adjust the temperature or turn it off before leaving, please leave a note on the kitchen counter.

To keep our Sparklers safe during the winter, we ask that you remove snow and ice from your driveway and walkway to ensure a safe path into your home. Some clients even allow the Sparklers to pull into the garage.

We value our employees and put an enormous amount of time, energy & expense into our screening, hiring, and training process.  It is for this reason that our customers and employees sign an unfair solicitation agreement. This agreement helps safeguard our success in providing only the best staff to our deserving customers.

Additionally, all of our employees have signed a non-compete agreement with our company. They are prohibited from soliciting our clients. As a client, you agree not to solicit services from our employees outside of the services of Sparkle Plenty Profession Cleaners.

Sparkle Plenty Cleaners is a professional cleaning company with W-2 employees who are well-trained, background-checked, and trustworthy professionals. We believe in providing a livable wage for our cleaners as well as benefits, including paid time off.  We want to attract and keep the very best for you! We pay for bonding, general liability, and worker’s compensation.  We pay all employees’ applicable federal and state taxes.  For your own protection, ensure the “professional” cleaning company you are considering has W-2 Employees and carries insurance on ALL of their employees.