Training – Customer Factor (No Index)

Customer Factor

At Sparkle Plenty Professional Cleaners, we use a customer service software called Customer Factor to manage multiple aspects of the business including scheduling, payments and time keeping.

All of your work orders will be accessed through the Customer Factor application. You will also clock in and clock out from the application.

Downloading the App

Go to Google Play or the App Store and Search “Customer Factor”

Select and Download

Signing On

You will be provided a username and temporary password by office staff. You can change your password by logging in from the desktop version.

Clocking In and Out


While you are in training you will clock in and out using the clock icon from the home screen. You will clock in when you first report to work. This may be at the office or at the client’s home. You will clock out when you are finished for the day. Either when you leave the client’s home or
when you leave the office.

You will also clock in and out while you complete your daily homework.

Log into Customer Factor and click the clock icon on the home screen.

You are now clocked- in.

Click on the icon again to log out. The blue box at the bottom shows your total time.


When you are no longer cleaning with the trainer, you will clock in and out from your work

orders. You will clock in when you arrive at the client’s home and clock out prior to leaving.

To clock in from your work orders click the calendar icon from your home screen.

Select the Client whose house you are at.

Your houses will always be in your color. Your color will be assigned to you when you are hired.

If the house on your screen is grey-the job has been cancelled.

Click the Clock icon in the upper left-hand corner. Notice the time under the date. This time range tells you how long you are estimated to be at the house. This is called the duration, and you should be within about 15 minutes of this time. In the example below the duration is 3 hours. (12:45PM-3:45PM)

Click the “Begin Job” button

When you are done and leaving the home, click the “Job Completed” Button

Click “Ok” to exit the screen.

Some clients prefer notification when you are complete. You can send a text notification by clicking “Send SMS Text” Or if the client’s do not need this notification, click “Cancel”-Most clients do not require this-it sends it from your personal number.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding Clocking In-Out

You MUST clock in and out. If you fail to clock in and out your job will NOT populate in the payroll reporting which will result in a DELAY of the appropriate pay. Multiple occurrences will be addressed through corrective action. If you forget to clock in or out- advise office management immediately. Manual adjustments can be made and will result in appropriate on time pay for your job.


Customer Factor will show you what jobs you are scheduled for. You should check your schedule daily as changes to the schedule occur frequently.

From the home screen click on the Calendar icon

The calendar screen defaults to a monthly view. Click on the day you are reviewing. Your jobs will populate below the calendar. You will only see jobs assigned to you.

The job’s start and finish are in the box next to the client’s name. The duration is the time you are expected to be at the job. Your actual time should be within 15 minutes of the duration. For the example above the duration is 3.5 hours (8:30AM-12:00PM).

You can arrive up to 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after the appointment time. If you are not going to be at your scheduled appointment within 30 minutes prior or 30 minutes after the scheduled time, you need to notify the office staff immediately so that they can notify the client.

Work Orders

Work orders provide client information such as address, access information and details regarding the client’s preferences. You MUST always review your work orders prior to starting a job. Even if you clean for that client every week, new information may be provided in the work order. Scroll down within the client profile to view the all the notes, including custom fields.

Logging Notes

You can log information in the work orders to help the office staff or other cleaners. NEVER put derogatory or sensitive information in the notes. To edit the notes, click the pencil icon. If that is unavailable, you do not have access to that section to make updates. Let the office staff know of any updates that need to be made.

Test Your Knowledge

Click the button below to test your knowledge of the PMC system, cleaning tools and cleaners. If you score at least 80% move onto Dusting. If you score less than 80%, go back and review the content again, working with your trainer to answer any questions you may have. Good luck!