How To Get Stains Out Of Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

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Hardwood floors are some of the most delicate surfaces you can clean. Even something as simple as a water spill can stain them, needing you to try very specific cleaning methods. 

So, if you find your wooden floors stained and don’t know how to clean them, you’ve come to the right place! 

Can I just sand the floor to remove the stains?

You may have seen many people online recommending sanding the floor to remove stains, and they do so for a reason! That’s because if the stain is too deep on the wood to reach with a regular or homemade cleaner, sanding and refinishing your wood might be the only thing that is sure to work. Just keep in mind that this is more of a last resort!

If you’re feeling handy and willing to try this, here is a guide on properly sanding and refinishing your wooden floors.

However, not everyone can take on this task comfortably, especially with how risky it can be for your finish. So, here is a simpler way to clean stains from your floors without redoing a part of the wooden surface.

How to remove stains from hardwood floors

Sometimes, the most straightforward solution is the best. A special stain remover for wood is always a great option. While you can’t go wrong with them, you must pick one that works well for your wood, finish, and the type of stains it may have.

However, even if some store-bought products work perfectly well, they are not your only options! You can also clean the stains on your wooden floors naturally.

Vinegar, baking soda, and detergent make perfect stain removers (even if they’re not the best for cleaning your floors regularly). These everyday household products break down grime, trap it, and deodorize the floors all at once.

Here’s the quick cleaning method: 

  • Step one: Mix one cup of water, one cup of liquid dish soap, two cups of baking soda, and a splash of vinegar.
  • Step two: Scrub the solution over the stained spot with a sponge.
  • Step three: Remove the solution with a clean cloth dipped in water to ensure no residue stays too long (and forms new stains).
  • Step four: Wipe the floor with a dry cloth or mop to remove the moisture. Otherwise, new water stains will appear.

Pro tip: the best way to keep your hardwood floors in top shape

Better than any product, what you can do for your hardwood floors is clean them as soon as a spill happens. Doing so will stop the liquid or product on the floor from penetrating the wood and becoming difficult to clean.

If you can’t clean your floors regularly, we can help!

Cleaning your hardwood floors often is the best way to keep them stain-free. However, even if this seems easy, it’s not as simple if you lack the time.

So, if you find yourself scrapping up a few minutes every week to clean, why not delegate your cleaning chores? Let Sparkle Plenty Cleaners take care of your maintenance cleaning needs! Check out our services here.


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