Stop The Struggle! How To Teach Your Kid To Clean Their Room

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Helping your kid become responsible and tidy up their room goes beyond simply bossing them around. It’s important to approach them with patience and understanding, ensuring they don’t perceive cleaning as punishment.

Need some tips to make this whole thing less of a headache? Well, you’re in luck! Here are four handy tips to gradually get your child to clean their room.

Tip #1. Take it easy and ease them into chores

Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t the most thrilling thing, regardless of age. So, imagine how your kids might feel about it. The trick is mentally preparing them and letting them know what to expect.

Give them a friendly heads-up, like saying, “When your cartoon is over, time to clean your room.” This way, you’re not suddenly replacing their fun time with a boring chore. You can even involve them in making a cleaning schedule so they know when it’s time to tidy up.

Tip #2. Match tasks to their age

Remember, kids are still growing, both mentally and physically. Assigning them tasks that are beyond their abilities will only frustrate and demotivate them—thus making them despise cleaning even more.

The key is to assign tasks that suit their age and capabilities. For instance, all kids can handle tossing dirty laundry into the basket. On the other hand, only older ones can generally handle making the bed or using cleaning tools like a mop and vacuum.

Tip #3. Show them how it’s done

Sometimes instructions alone don’t cut it, especially for kids who are unfamiliar with certain tasks. Instead, demonstrate how it’s done step-by-step, explaining each action in detail. Then, invite your kid to join in and help them if needed.

Repeat this process until they feel confident doing it themselves.

Tip #4. Acknowledge their efforts

Appreciating your kid’s hard work goes a long way in making them see cleaning in a more positive light. Boost their confidence and self-esteem by recognizing their responsibility.

You can reward them with something they like whenever they complete their cleaning duties, but be careful not to make it all about physical rewards. A simple “Well done!” or “Thanks for your help”  can mean a lot to them and encourages them to keep at it.

What if your kid outright refuses to clean?

Just like adults, kids won’t feel like doing their chores. So giving them some space and time to cool down is crucial instead of arguing.

Avoid punishments and opt for friendly conversations about the consequences of their actions. For instance, let them know that if they don’t clean now, they’ll have to do it later and sacrifice some play or TV time.

Also, if you have more than one child, make sure the chores are distributed fairly. You don’t want them to feel like you’re playing favorites, which can lead to even more resistance.

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