Oh the dreaded bathroom. The room homeowners despise to clean and appreciate your work in there more than ever! The bathroom is unique with sticky dust, water and everything else! We break it down into 3 easy trips to get you in, out and leave a Sparkling bathroom behind.

Getting Started

Before you start the bathroom, you need to make sure you are set up for success. Follow the steps below for Getting Started:

  • Place your tote on the floor, to the right of the tub.

Stock your Apron:

Apron-***tighten bottles***

Left side:                             Right side:

Glass/Disinfect                  Soap Scum

Glass Towel                       Microfiber                                                                                  Towels (5)

Garbage                            Cell Phone                                                                                Magic Eraser/Dobie

You might need your tile brush, large scrub brush, or plastic scraper for some bathrooms.  This should already be in your apron.

Let's Get to Cleaning!

Vanity Light Fixtures

Remove any cobwebs in corners or around light fixtures with your duster

Counter top

Dust hair onto the floor or into the sink to wash down drain

Doors & Door Frames

With your duster, dust door ledges and hinges, both on the exterior and interior of the door.


  1. Dust/wipe sills and lock ledges.
  2. If there are blinds, turn them flat & dust with your duster


Dust off the mirror including edges and ledges. 

Plants & Pictures

  1. Dust plants with your feather duster
  2. If there are pictures or art work, hold the bottom with one hand & dust with your other hand


Once you have completed dusting the bathroom it is now time to remove the rugs.

  1. Pick up and shake out all rugs & place outside of bathroom.
  2. Dust the ceiling vent(s)

Vacuum rugs

  1. Stand on one end of the rug to keep it in place
  2. Vacuum away from where you are standing
  3. Lift up the beater head after every stroke and start again to the right
  4. Stand on the opposite end of the rug and repeat steps 1-3


  1. Using your cleaning cloth wipe down the towel rack
  2. Tri-fold the towels

Wet work

Shower Walls & Tub

  1. Set any items that are on the edge of the tub on the floor outside of the tub.
    Pro Tip: Take a quick picture with your phone Or set items outside the tub exactly as they were. It’s VERY important to put everything back exactly the way it was!
  2. Wet the walls using the rinse cup or shower wand
  3. Spray soap scum cleaner or general cleaner on the wall opposite the drain.
  4. Wet your dobie or large brush spread the cleaner around.
  5. Continue around the shower, applying cleaner and spreading it with your towel/dobie. You are just spreading the cleaner. Do NOT scrub yet.
  6. Apply soap scum cleaner or disinfectant to shower doors as applicable.
    1. Pro tip-try using disinfectant on the top half of the doors and soap scum on the bottom half
  7. Using your dobie or magic eraser (works well in corners), or large brush scrubbing the shower walls
    • Start at the wall opposite the drain and work around the tub.
    • Work in a circular motion from top to bottom.
    • Use the “see through” method explained in Cleaning Basics to know when the area is clean.
    • Note: Only clean what is dirty. The higher part of the shower, doesn’t normally get wet and doesn’t need cleaned very often.
  8. When you come to the soap dish or shelf:
    • Scrape out the soap with the handle of your tile brush, removing the remaining residue with the bristle end. Then use your magic eraser or dobie to remove the loosened residue
  9. Clean fixtures as you come to them, using your tile brush or dobie.
    If the shower has an enclosure or doors, clean those before proceeding. Refer to the Enclosure/Shower Doors section below for specific cleaning instructions.
  10. Wet the bottom of the shower/tub.
  11. Apply soap scum cleaner or disinfectant. Use only what you need.
  12. Starting away from the drain, use your big brush, dobie, or magic eraser and scrub the bottom.
    • Pay close attention to the corners and use your tile brush or magic eraser as needed to remove residue.
  13. Place your big brush, tile brush and dobie in the sink.
  14. Using cold water and the shower head start above the drain, and rinse the walls top to bottom.
    • If the shower head will not reach a specific spot, use your rinsing cup.
    • Cleaner can be difficult to see when wet, use your fingers to feel the tub to ensure it is fully rinsed.
  15. Wipe dry walls & floor/tub
  16. Replace items- be sure to put them back exactly how they were.
  17. Dry/Shine fixtures.

Note: When cleaning the shower/tub on your maintenance cleans your soap scum cleaner or disinfectant should suffice, however, in some homes you may need to use Bar Keeper’s Friend. Remember, that if you have grime that is not coming off, use a stronger cleaner or tool.

Enclosures/Shower Doors

  1. Spray with disinfectant or soap scum remover (usually disinfectant is sufficient for the top half and soap scum works better for the bottom half)
    Note: The above should be sufficient for most homes, however, at times you may need to use your Bar Keeper’s friend
  2. Using your dobie or cleaning cloth scrub the inside of the shower doors.
    • Work in a circular motion from top to bottom.
    • Use the “see through” method to know when the area is clean
    • Use your plastic scraper as needed
    • Move the doors to reach inside to clean them.
    • Note: If doors overlap, spray cleaner on your white pad or a cleaning cloth and wrap around your scraper and slide into the gap. Use a dry cloth for a final wipe.
  3. Spray the tracks lightly with general cleaner or Bar Keepers Friend
  4. Using your tile brush, scraper wrapped with a cloth, or dobie, move back and forth within the track to remove residue.

Pro Tip: See-Through Method: Use hands to feel the surface you are cleaning. Look through the grime you’ve worked loose determine if the surface is clean.  Soap scum feels different than a clean surface.


  1. Wet your dobie with water and wipe down entire vanity-moving hair and dust into sink.
  2. Spray dobie or cleaning cloth with general cleaner
  3. Using the dobie (still full of cleaner from the tub), or your magic eraser & clean the sink.
  4. Rinse the dobie and the inside of the sink.
  5. Wipe entire area (including interior of sink) with cleaning cloth to dry
  6. Put the dobie in a lined pocket of your apron.



Note: This step is completed in the Pre-flight if the client uses disposable toilet brushes.

Clients are required to provide a toilet brush in every bathroom. Advise the office during your pre-flight if there is not a toilet brush available.

  1. Apply baking soda & dawn to the inside the toilet, making sure it is applied along the sides of the bowl. Add vinegar to the bowl and allow the cleaners to do some work.
  2. Spray the outside of the toilet with disinfectant
  3. Wet the toilet brush by dipping it into the bowl
  4. Starting high on the inside upper rim, move the brush in a circular motion working your way around and down the bowl.  Clean as deep into the bowl as you are able. Be sure to get under the rim!
  5. Shake off additional water from the brush and return it to it’s holder
  6. Flush the toilet


Start at the top of the tank and work down. Use your disinfectant cleaner

  1. Wipe down the top of the tank, cleaning the handle as you go.
  2. Put both lid and seat into the “down” position
  3. Wipe the top of the toilet lid
  4. Wipe the flat area behind the seat as needed to catch overspray
  5. Wipe the bottom & top of each lid, lifting the seat/lid as you complete each. Apply additional disinfectant as needed
  6. Wipe the rim of the bowl
  7. Close the seat & the lid.
  8. Fold your cleaning cloth to a clean side & apply disinfectant cleaner
  9. Work downwards cleaning the outside of the entire toilet bowl
  10. Wipe around the base of the toilet and the bolt caps.

Pro Tip-Use your scraper and a towel to get around the bolts or clips-save your fingers

  1. Wipe the area again around the back of the seat & the hinges
  2. Sit on the toilet with the lid closed

Look around- did you miss anything?

Because each bathroom is a little different after cleaning the (first) sink you may not clean in the order listed below. Use the techniques described and work top to bottom, left to right.

Vanity Light Fixtures

Wipe with your damp cloth as needed

NEVER touch a lightbulb as it could shatter!


Spray the glass cleaner/disinfectant onto a white cloth and clean top to bottom, left to right

Pro Tip: Use a very dry cloth and wipe completely dry to avoid streaks. Don’t overspray


  1. Wipe entire sink and vanity with water and dobie.
  2. Apply cleaner to your cloth and wipe the faucets and the outside area of the sink.
  3. Spray faucets/drain once with Bar Keepers and use the tile brush to scrub around the base of the faucets
  4. Use your dobie or cloth and wipe the rest of the outside of the sink.
  5. Dry and shine the chrome fixtures


  1. Spay and Wipe down the countertop
  2. Work Back to Front
    • Move items forward just enough to clean behind and underneath them
    • Dust or wipe items on counter
    • Move them back in place
    • Fnish cleaning the counter
  3. Wipe down the back splash

Bathroom Vanity

Only clean what is dirty. Remember vertical surfaces tend to be cleaner than horizontal surfaces.

  1. Spray general cleaner on your cleaning cloth, wipe the tops of the drawer or cabinet.
  2. Wipe the face of the cabinets as needed
  3. Remove finger prints and grim from around handles.

Doors and Doorframes

  1. Wipe the ledges and hinges as needed
  2. Remove finger prints and grim as needed from the door edges, especially around the door handles
  3. Wipe door handles

Pro Tip: Doors with inserts tend to get dusty or grimy in the bathroom. Be sure to pay attention to these surfaces and clean them as needed. This is a quick job that can make a big difference.


  1. Spray with glass cleaner and wipe dry
  2. Clean sill and make sure track is free of bugs, dirt and debris

Making the Perfect Toilet Paper Triangle

  1. Lift out one paper sheet above the roll.
  2. Fold the right corner down to the left edge. Use the edge of the toilet paper for alignment.
  3. Fold the left corner to the right corner of the toilet paper.
  4. Layer the toilet paper down so the triangle sits neatly.

The Floor

  1. Place your cleaning tote outside of the bathroom.
  2. Put on your knee pads (trust me, you’ll thank me later!) and starting in the far corner, spray general cleaner onto the floor. Using your towel folded into fourths, start wiping clean the floor. As your towel gets dirty, refold to a clean side. Once all clean sides are used, put it in your plastic bag on the door and get out a clean towel from your apron. Be sure to get the baseboards as well!
  3. Work your way towards the door, as your cleaning cloth gets dirty replace with a new one.
  4. While cleaning the bathroom floor-you should also be wiping baseboards.
  5. Replace shower/tub items as you come to them
  6. Once the floor is dry:
    • Replace rug -Make sure the tag is not sticking out
    • Straighten shower curtain

Helpful Hints

  • Spare Bathrooms are not often used, apply the rule, “if it’s not dirty, don’t clean it”
    • Wipe down shower/tub with a damp cloth or use your glass cleaner to remove dust
  • Don’t automatically clean mirrors if they are not dirty
  • Dust items you might normally wipe
  • When cloths get soiled or too wet, put them in a lined pocket of your apron, or in your dirty towel bag you hung on the door. Do NOT leave cleaning clothes on the floor or countertops.
  • When moving items, move them the shortest distance possible.
  • Keep items in the same order they were inside the tub. Clients do not like their items re-arranged. By keeping items in the same order you can ensure they go back as they should.
  • If there is a bar of soap, place soft side up on a folded cleaning cloth or edge of the tub.

Test Your Knowledge

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