Sparkler Training

Videos, quizzes and some light reading. Everything you need to become the very best Sparkler!


Intro to PMC

This section will introduce you to the Perfect Maintenance System.


Getting Started

Everything you need to know to start a job and set yourself up for success.



Dust bunnies don't stand a chance once you've completed this training!


Living Areas

Step by step guide for cleaning living rooms, bedrooms, dens, offices and other living spaces



Everything you need to know and the kitchen sink, to create a Sparkling kitchen to wow your clients



Guide to leaving behind a Sparkling bathroom


Customer Factor

Guide for using Customer Factor, the scheduling and client software



Best practices for using your vacuum and keeping to maintained for optimal performance


Deep Clean

Guide to completing a deep clean that wows your client, but doesn't break your back!


Move in/Move Out

Getting a home ready for new occupants! This guide will walk you through the move in/out cleaning process