Living Areas

All the little things add up to ensure Living Spaces are clean, welcoming and SPARKLE!


Bedrooms are a personal refuge. Making sure the bedroom is clean, tidy and orderly can bring an extra dose of relaxation and relief to your homeowner. Imagine them walking in after a long day, seeing a clean, refreshed oasis and the stress just melts off of them! All because of YOU!

To make the bedroom a perfect oasis make sure to do the following:

  • Straighten Comforter
  • Arrange Pillows
  • Fold Blankets
  • Make sure curtains and blinds are straight & tidy
  • Fans are dusted
  • Check that area rugs are neat, with no tags showing
  • Make sure pictures & lampshades are straight


Living Room

Living Rooms are the center of the home. Providing your family with a tidy living room will definitely bring Zen to the chaos of life! Even if it only stays organized for a moment, your family will appreciate walking into a living room that looks like a Pinterest post!

To achieve that Pinterest worth picture, be sure to do the following:

  • Fluff & arrange decorative pillows
  • Fold & drape blankets
  • Fluff & straighten cushions, make sure they look good
  • Make sure the following are straight:
    • Curtains/blinds
    • Pictures
    • Lampshades
  • Check that area runs are neat, with no tags showing

Family Room/Den/Office

Much like the living room, you will need to tidy up the family room, den and office. These rooms also tend to have a lot of electronics, which attract and show a lot of dust! Make sure to double check your dusting in these rooms!

To create a room ready to use- make sure the following are done:

  • Fluff & arrange Pillows
  • Fold Blankets
  • Fluff cushions…make sure they look good.
  • Make sure the following are straight:
    • Curtains/blinds
    • Pictures
    • Lampshades
  • Check that area rugs are neat, with no tags showing
  • Push in office chairs-make sure they are dusted/wiped down!
  • Disinfect remote controls and place in central location like the coffee table or tv console

Final Touches

Before leaving the room you are working on, make a quick check of the following:

  • Turn off all lights-this signifies that the space is 100% complete
    • If the client is home, ensure any lights YOU turned on are off
    • Turn fans back on that were shut off to clean
  • After floors have dried, replace items that were lifted from floor to clean (i.e. dog beds, rugs, shoes, toy bins, etc.)
  • Make sure you have not left any cleaning equipment, clothes or cleaners laying around.

When you have finished cleaning all the levels, there are a few more steps before you are ready to leave.

  • Make sure all the trash has been taken out to the large receptacle
  • Leave a few mints, leave behind note, and the weekly quote on the counter.
  • Pick up the check (if there is one) and store in a secure location.
  • Count your bottles and inventory supplies-you never want to leave anything behind!
  • If client is home, let them know you are leaving.
  • Lock the door
  • Clock out- send text only from Customer Factor if client is not home or unavailable.

YOU are providing a valuable service; your work is valued by the client.

YOU have an opportunity to make someone’s day shine a little brighter.

The day you are at the Client’s house is their best day of the week!

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