How To Clean Your Polyester Couch Without Damage

Some people spend most of their time in the living room, especially when the couch is very comfortable. In time, the sofa’s fabric might need some maintenance, and many homeowners are scared to do things wrong regarding polyester. If your polyester couch is dirty or smells funny, don’t worry! Here’s what you can do to […]

Green Cleaning 101: Top Essential Oils That Are As Effective As Aromatic

Why use commercial products when there are other, more natural ones that work just as well? Here are six essential oils that can help with your cleaning duties. With Sparkle Plenty Cleaners, you won’t suffer the strong smells of commercial products when you clean. Request your quote now.

The Best Methods To Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is a disgusting (but necessary) feat. However, this chore can also become scary when there’s a nasty stain under the seat. If applying elbow grease leaves the toilet bowl squeaky clean but not spotless, don’t worry! Here’s an effective method to remove hard water stains from your toilet. Why are there hard […]

5 Quick And Easy Tricks To Disinfect A Kitchen Sponge

Cleaning your kitchen sponges after each use is a good practice. However, using only water and soap won’t eliminate all the germs hiding in your sponges. Is it difficult to rid your sponge of germs? Not at all! Here are five methods to eliminate all the bacteria in just a few minutes. Trick #1 Microwave […]

How To Clean Different Types Of Baseboards (No Bending Over Required)

how to clean different types of baseboards

Although baseboards give any house a neat look, they rarely are included in homeowners’ cleaning schedules. However, after some time, they get harder to overlook, as the grime makes them stand out—and not in a good way. If you’ve skipped cleaning your baseboards for too long, you may have this problem. Granted, washing them is […]

6 Easy Tricks To Get Motivated To Clean

6 easy tricks to get motivated to clean

Unless you really love cleaning, getting motivated to do your chores can be tricky. So, if you need to clean your home but don’t feel like doing it, check out these six easy tricks to get motivated to clean! Trick #1: Break it up into smaller tasks Cleaning a whole house may seem like a […]